don’t want to be all by myself

Let’s face it: it’s not as much fun to go hear music all by yourself.

  Yes, the music is great whether there is someone there with you or not.  Yes, I can have a nice time by myself.

 But isn’t half the joy sharing the experience with someone?  Talking about you heard and saw, making a memory?What good are memories of time spent all by yourself?  They seem…less than, missing something…missing people.

I have a memory of going to Bimbo’s  for the first time, by myself.  It is such a cool place.  By myself I saw the lighting and the atmosphere and the hipsters, by myself I sipped a coke and felt out of place…I saw Jamie Lidell there.  I pushed to the front to have a good view…most likely easier to do because I was by myself.  My husband would have hated that show, that’s for sure!!  I loved that show.   I have a memory of going to Slim’s for the first time…I was by myself.  It was for a Tab Benoit show.  It was a cool show, but not the best. I felt the most alone of all at that show.  It was kinda depressing.  Damn drunk people spilling drinks on me and stuff and being alone. I remember another one of my favorite shows from last year…The Cat Empire.  I had SO much fun…alone!  I hardly noticed I was alone that night…I still smile when I think of it.  I really enjoyed that show. 

I remember The John Butler Trio at the Warfield.  I was going to go alone, but my husband forced my son to go with me.  It was cool to have my son with me because I think he really actually enjoyed the show and was really blown away at some points.  But still he says he would not go again…he didn’t like it that much.  And the whole time I was enjoying the music, I knew my son was there because he was forced.  I loved the music that night.  I fell in love with the JBT that night.   But I drug my son along to something he didn’t want to do so that sucked. 


The handful of friends that I have don’t want to go see Jamie Lidell or Sharon Jones and the Dapp Kings on a Wednesday night in San Francisco.  My husband won’t go.  My kids won’t go.  My aunts and uncles don’t want to go.  Nobody wants to go and in fact they all look at me like I’m crazy for wanting to go.

So it is go alone or don’t go at all. I did it alone.  And I’ve pretty much had enough of that.  JBT is coming back next month and I will not be there.  I couldn’t bring myself to buy that single ticket again…


ETA: Yeah, you KNOW I bought that ticket.  There’s no way I’m missing John Butler!




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