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Jamie Lidell LIVE, 05-28-2008, San Francisco, Recap with Audio

All audio recorded by TandJam at Bimbo’s 365, 05-28-08.

Time for the Jamie recap!

Jamie was dressed in a light colored suit, had the short hair and the glasses and was constantly reminding me of Buddy Holly. The big news was he had a band. Guitar, drums, keys and sax. (I’m still looking for their names.)

They opened with:

Another Day

He played it pretty straight. And we moved quickly on to:

Figured Me Out

This one made use of some electronic voice thingy, and I wasn’t feeling it at the start.

Sure it was fun, like back in the 80’s when you went roller skating and they always played that song: “Egyptian Lover”….damn. Remember that song? Good times. Anyway, at about 4 minutes into the song I was won over…mostly I think by nostalgia for “Egyptian Lover.”

Figured Me Out

Next, Jamie treated us to 10 straight minutes of music, starting with:

Out of My System…played pretty straight…

…then came a long bit of Jamie’s freestyle techno stuff, now mixed well with sax, drums, keys and guitar… and the whole big enchilada of sound slid into…

The City. It was pretty cool how that worked out. The enchilada sliding, I mean.

….and thus ends 10 minutes of insane mixed-up sound that actually made sense, 100% pure Jamie, topped off at the end with a dollop of “Egyptian Lover” sour cream, if you will. (I know. You love the enchilada metaphor.)

Out of My System>The City (10 minutes of the not so radio friendly Jamie…ETA: ok the first 3 minutes are very radio friendly. But after that we are in old school Jamie territory. It’s all great.)

Now it feels like he is warmed up and really in his groove and so Jamie takes off into this long freestyle, spacey, techno thing. It’s 7 minutes long. Jamie doing what Jamie does and it’s so cool. I love listening to it.

Does anyone have the name for this?

Freestyle, spacey, techno jam thing

This piece ends by turning into:

A Little Bit More. 7 minutes of Jamie. MMmmmMMmmm. 5 stars, baby!

At this point that there is, for the first time since the start of Out of My System about 29 minutes ago, a break in the almost continuous music. That break is about 3 seconds. Or it seemed like 3 seconds.

The room is dark and hot and sweaty. It feels good. And we dive right into:

Little Bit of Feel Good. It struck me that I would like to hear Jeff Lopez on the sax on this song…I also thought that at around the 5:30 mark that I could hear Ray Charles…

What a great version of this song. I loved it. 5 stars again! (Sorry about the audience yells at the end.)

….The audience is really loud at the end of this song, expressing their appreciation…

At this point Jamie engages in some banter about dreams, bloody noses and his nephew before signing:

Green Light

Where’d You Go?

Then, one of my favorites from the album:
Wait For Me

–audience calls for the encore—

Game For Fools


And thus ends another great Jamie Lidell show. What a brilliant guy. What a great voice.

Downloads of the show will be up soon.


Guess who I’m going to see tonight!

Is he actually trying to be serious here? Is this a joke? What’s going on?

Why does he look so hot?

This is all very confusing…


John Butler Solo (not trio) Acoustic SF Show: Flac Download

I finally got this show cut up and converted….

John Butler, Solo and Acoustic
The Fillmore, San Francisco, California
April 22, 2008

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: floor, ¾ of the way back from the stage, center, mics clipped to glasses
conversion: R09>CD Wave>FLAC Frontend
taper: T&Jam (

Hear samples in my recap post: here.

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. High For a Living
3. -banter- (proposing to Daniella)
4. Daniella
5. Treat Yo Mamma (w/ Brother Michael)
6. Thank You
7. Good As Gone
8. Better Than
9. -banter- (why John learned Danny Boy)
10. Danny Boy
11. Spring

Disc 2
1. Ocean
2. Mellow Mood (w/ Mama Kin)
3. -banter-
4. Gov Did Nothin’ (w/ Brother Michael)
5. Pickapart
6. Zebra
7. Fire in the Sky
8. Losing You (w/ Mama Kin)
9. Funky Tonight

16 bit flac files:
Flac Download Here

Mp3’s (yes, I know I said I didn’t believe in mp3’s before, but I changed my mind, ok?):
MP3s Download Here
(ETA: Sorry that the mp3s are labled tracks 1-20…I included them as an afterthought and didn’t realize that they would be so popular…)


Album of the Day: Songlines

Derek Trucks Band

Derek Trucks, 06-17-07 Saratoga

I’d Rather Be Blind, Crippled and Crazy

Matt Mattison, 06-17-07 Saratoga

ETA: I found some of my recording of the 06-17-07 show at the Saratoga Mountain Winery. This is the Derek Trucks Band with Susan Tedeschi. I recorded this one before I had the RO9…I just used my camera.


“Moondance” Taylor Hicks (Hannah Home BBQ)

Taylor Hicks (with Brian Less and Jeff Lopez)
05-10-08 Hannah Home Charity Event
Birmingham, AL

Many thanks to hickifino for the vids! And to denv, for uploading!

Much to my surprise, Moondance was not my favorite of the set…

Moondance (ETA: I think this has emerged as my second favorite of the set now…)

New York State of Mind (wow.)

On and On (My favorite of the set, and I think over time it will find a place among my all-time Taylor favorites. Really great take on this song…)

Where I’m From
Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod
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Taylor Hicks at the Hannah Home Barbecue

How am I supposed to stay off the blog if Taylor Hicks is going to be performing a sweet little set list like this charity fund raisers? (Thanks to The Boogie Board for the set list… 🙂 and the cell cert)

May 10, 2008 Birmingham, AL
(Taylor Hicks, Brian Less, Jeff Lopez)

Call Me the Breeze
Moondance *** flute solo; harmonica rif
Soul Thing ** TAG: EastBound and Down
New York State of Mind
Run Around — harmonica solo
On and On
Where I’m From
Moondance? He sang Moondance? I am very much looking forward to some video of that.

I’ve never heard Taylor sing Moondance, New York State of Mind, or On and On.

Where I’m From has been very rare…

And how does Run Around sound stripped down to just keys, guitar and sax? Hard to imagine…

People who were there say that vids of this gig will be posted, so we’ll soon get to see and hear this tasty little morsel. (I’m talking about the SET. sheesh.)


You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday too, yeah!

And for no reason except that it’s my birthday and I can do what I want:
Delbert McClinton

Maybe in a week or so I can get back to posting… But for now I have my birthday, other people’s birthdays, mother’s day, and a huge rummage sale (don’t ask) to take care of. See you in a bit…

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