Jamie Lidell LIVE, 05-28-2008, San Francisco, Recap with Audio

All audio recorded by TandJam at Bimbo’s 365, 05-28-08.

Time for the Jamie recap!

Jamie was dressed in a light colored suit, had the short hair and the glasses and was constantly reminding me of Buddy Holly. The big news was he had a band. Guitar, drums, keys and sax. (I’m still looking for their names.)

They opened with:

Another Day

He played it pretty straight. And we moved quickly on to:

Figured Me Out

This one made use of some electronic voice thingy, and I wasn’t feeling it at the start.

Sure it was fun, like back in the 80’s when you went roller skating and they always played that song: “Egyptian Lover”….damn. Remember that song? Good times. Anyway, at about 4 minutes into the song I was won over…mostly I think by nostalgia for “Egyptian Lover.”

Figured Me Out

Next, Jamie treated us to 10 straight minutes of music, starting with:

Out of My System…played pretty straight…

…then came a long bit of Jamie’s freestyle techno stuff, now mixed well with sax, drums, keys and guitar… and the whole big enchilada of sound slid into…

The City. It was pretty cool how that worked out. The enchilada sliding, I mean.

….and thus ends 10 minutes of insane mixed-up sound that actually made sense, 100% pure Jamie, topped off at the end with a dollop of “Egyptian Lover” sour cream, if you will. (I know. You love the enchilada metaphor.)

Out of My System>The City (10 minutes of the not so radio friendly Jamie…ETA: ok the first 3 minutes are very radio friendly. But after that we are in old school Jamie territory. It’s all great.)

Now it feels like he is warmed up and really in his groove and so Jamie takes off into this long freestyle, spacey, techno thing. It’s 7 minutes long. Jamie doing what Jamie does and it’s so cool. I love listening to it.

Does anyone have the name for this?

Freestyle, spacey, techno jam thing

This piece ends by turning into:

A Little Bit More. 7 minutes of Jamie. MMmmmMMmmm. 5 stars, baby!

At this point that there is, for the first time since the start of Out of My System about 29 minutes ago, a break in the almost continuous music. That break is about 3 seconds. Or it seemed like 3 seconds.

The room is dark and hot and sweaty. It feels good. And we dive right into:

Little Bit of Feel Good. It struck me that I would like to hear Jeff Lopez on the sax on this song…I also thought that at around the 5:30 mark that I could hear Ray Charles…

What a great version of this song. I loved it. 5 stars again! (Sorry about the audience yells at the end.)

….The audience is really loud at the end of this song, expressing their appreciation…

At this point Jamie engages in some banter about dreams, bloody noses and his nephew before signing:

Green Light

Where’d You Go?

Then, one of my favorites from the album:
Wait For Me

–audience calls for the encore—

Game For Fools


And thus ends another great Jamie Lidell show. What a brilliant guy. What a great voice.

Downloads of the show will be up soon.


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