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Jamie Lidell to Open For Elton John!

I guess this is old news, but I just learned of it today.

Elton John. THE Elton John. Holy smokes.

Wow. Seven dates at the end of this year.


The first question that pops to mind is: Will Jamie change his show for this? Will he drop the awesome 7 minute “The City” for the Elton crowd?

I do think anything off “JIM” would go over great…

Wow. Elton John.


K-Os Mixes It Up

And now for something completely different…

K-Os has release several albums over the last 6 years, but I didn’t know about any of them until a few days ago.

I started with his latest album (2007), “Atlantis – Hymns For Disco,” because Pandora hooked me on a song from that album. I can’t even remember which song it was, but I grabbed that album off Amazon, PDQ. That was like 48 hours ago. 46 hours ago I grabbed his first album (2003), “Exit.”

Here’s a small sample:

(The first three songs give some idea as to the amazing variety of good music K-Os offers up…)

* Neutroniks (Exit) …rap that makes me dance

* Valhalla (Atlantis – Hymns For Disco) ….I love to put my headphones on for this one.

* The Rain (Atlantis – Hymns For Disco)

* Follow Me (Exit) rap over guitar…:cool:

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Todd Rundgren – Something/Anything? (1972)

I first heard of Todd Rundgren when I heard about the Wolftrap Sgt. Peppers show. I researched him on youtube and my curiosity was piqued! So, on the advice of reader fishwater, I picked up Todd Rundgren’s album Something/Anything?

That’s a lot of music! Damn. It seems more like three albums than a double album. As soon as I got it, I listened to a few seconds of a few songs here and there and I thought it sounded kinda dated…I was a little worried.

I loaded my newly acquired TR music onto my iPod, put my headphones on and set off on a 6 mile walk. (6 miles! Yay me!)

And well, this is a GREAT album. I can’t say enough about it. I enjoyed the whole thing, and the word ‘dated’ never crossed my mind. Everything sounds fresh and interesting. Some songs I liked more than others, but I enjoyed listening to the entire album.

Todd Rundgren’s lyrics are interesting. Sometimes they seem like reading someone’s mind. He doesn’t pretty up those thoughts or anything. He just puts them out there in simple, straightforward words, sometimes trite (“It takes two to tango”), but it’s honest, and he gets pretty deep that way. All that said, it’s the music that is the real star of this show.

I’ve only been through the album once. I’m including some of the songs that jumped out at me on the first run through. I think it is safe to say I like the more ‘unusal’ songs. But there is something for everybody on this album.

I Went To The Mirror. I hit replay on that one. That’s a big deal because I had so much music to get through and I didn’t have time to be replaying stuff the first time through. But I dig that song. I could have written that song. LOL. Some mornings are tough.

Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me. Some folks is blacker than me…I’m stuck somewhere in the middle. Talkin ‘bout your outside…talking about your inside too. (Can you tell I dig this song, too?)

Black Maria…wow. Classic.

Little Red Lights My inner rocker loves this one.

The Night The Carousel Burned Down

One More Day (No Word)

and of course….I Saw The Light

So there you have my first listen stand-outs.

I love this album.


Jsun Jasper…calling Jason Jasper…please report to the internet.

Jsun Jasper

His message, his music, his voice…it’s so moving…

And all he’ll give me is this little ‘ol myspace with no performance dates listed, no way to purchase the mysterious album, “More.” (How ironic that this album has that title as I’ve been looking for ‘more’ of him ever since his voice stopped me dead in my tracks at a rally over a year ago…)


Who I’m Not Seeing Tonight.

The Rebirth Brass Band. I can’t believe I’m not there right now.


Marc Broussard Showing the West Coast Some LOVE!

Thanks to reader Jean who mentioned Marc Broussard has announced his album’s release date! I dropped everything and rushed over to his website and got the 411:

The album is called Keep Coming Back and will be released September 16th. Also they are planning to film his June 20th show in Nashville, so maybe we’ll be getting a DVD or seeing it on TV.

But the best news for me is the West Coast Love. August 30, small venue, and a Saturday night. Hells yes.

Must Be The Water

Come In From The Cold



Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart…

An interview with Taylor that gave me a worried feeling can be read here. It gave me a feeling like you might get if you were to have reason to wonder if your significant other might be falling in love with someone else. He says he loves you, but you see that look in his eye when he’s around the other woman…

Here is a line from the interview. I bolded the part that that got to me:

“The great thing about this role is I was able to be Taylor at the same time as Teen Angel,” he said. “It allows me to get my feet wet a little bit before I really dive into acting.”

Oh that’s ok, Taylor. If you want to act and be famous and all that more than you want to make music, that’s ok with me. Follow your heart…be free…

Yeah, I know he didn’t say that. I know he talked about a new album.

But I saw how he looked getting all that press for his “Teen Angel” part:

Somehow I’m thinking that an artistic indie album just can’t compete with that kind of attention. I feel insanely jealous.

Being a fan is so weird.

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