K-Os Mixes It Up

And now for something completely different…

K-Os has release several albums over the last 6 years, but I didn’t know about any of them until a few days ago.

I started with his latest album (2007), “Atlantis – Hymns For Disco,” because Pandora hooked me on a song from that album. I can’t even remember which song it was, but I grabbed that album off Amazon, PDQ. That was like 48 hours ago. 46 hours ago I grabbed his first album (2003), “Exit.”

Here’s a small sample:

(The first three songs give some idea as to the amazing variety of good music K-Os offers up…)

* Neutroniks (Exit) …rap that makes me dance

* Valhalla (Atlantis – Hymns For Disco) ….I love to put my headphones on for this one.

* The Rain (Atlantis – Hymns For Disco)

* Follow Me (Exit) rap over guitar…:cool:

*highway 7 (Atlantis –Hymns For Disco)

*mirror in the Sky (Atlantis – Hymns For Disco)

*the ballad of Noah (Atlantis – Hymns For Disco)

* FlyPaper (Atlantis – Hymns For Disco)

*Fantastique (Exit)


1 Response to “K-Os Mixes It Up”

  1. 1 True
    July 2, 2008 at 1:17 am

    Valhalla – very road-movie soundrack-worthy, yeah? I definitely hear the Beatles.

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