Taylor Hicks to release Early Works

Taylor Hicks will be releasing a CD of his early works August 19, 2008 August 12, 2008, exclusively through Target.

The track list is comprised of ten original songs and two covers from his first two independently recorded albums, In Your Time (1997) and Under the Radar (2005).

(A little background info and some samples after the jump)

Since Taylor appeared on American Idol in 2006, fans have been driving prices for copies of the long out of print In Your Time to astronomical levels on eBay. With an extremely limited supply and huge demand, copies sometimes sold for over $500. Because of that market, fakes sold by bootleggers soon made up the majority of In Your Time CDs sold on eBay. Despite the risk, fans still bought, wanting to have a piece of history and to own their own copy Taylor’s first album of original songs and his famous cover of “Georgia”. Taylor Hicks did make a few more copies of In Your Time that were sold during his 2007 concert tour and through his fan website, but for most of America this is still an undiscovered treasure.

Under The Radar was released in 2005. Taylor was working his ass off to get this album some attention when American Idol came knocking, and he suddenly found himself with as much attention as he could handle. Some fans who had discovered him on AI searched the internet for info about Taylor found that this album could be purchased from exactly one small independent record store in Birmingham, Alabama. And they did purchase it, by phone, by mail, or by internet. The songs from this album became well known and well loved to the few who knew about it. But again, for most of America, this album and these songs remained unknown.

Fans know that these songs have come a long way since these albums were recorded. Anyone who has been to see a Taylor show over the last few years probably knows the evolved forms of these songs better than the originals. We are now used to the dynamic live versions, jazzed up or slowed down, sprinkled with tags and harmonica riffs. But the original versions have a special place in our hearts.

August 19 the rest of America will have a chance to hear and enjoy Taylor’s musical past. I think they might be surprised by what they hear.

It shouldn’t take the new fans long to catch up with the rest of us.


Hold On To Your Love (from Under The Radar, 2005)

The Fall (from In Your Time, 1997)

Georgia (from In Your Time, 1997)


1 Response to “Taylor Hicks to release Early Works”

  1. 1 madaboutu
    July 13, 2008 at 2:02 am

    You have done a very nice promo and evaluation of EW. I happen to love what Taylor has done to the songs in concert, but I know that purists love the uncluttered versions on these albums. Either way, its a glimpse into Taylor early attempts at songwriting and musicianship.

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