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My Excellent Outside Lands Adventure 8/23

This is the story of my first music festival. The whole story. You might be bored by it as it includes my adventures on the bus and so forth. Read at your own risk.

I thought I was going to hear music, but it turned out that the music is important, but it really is a rather small part of the whole experience.

The story:
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Reader Moonshadow’s First John Butler Trio Show

A big thank you to Moonshadow for posting a recap of her first John Butler Trio show. I love recaps, especially of JBT shows, so I thought I would bring it to the front. Enjoy. And thanks again, Moonshadow!

t&jam, I didn’t know the best spot to post my recap, so I landed here. I hope that’s okay.

I can be a bit long-winded. Here goes…..

My husband and I arrived at the concert a bit early. JBT’s website listed the concert as starting at 6:30, but the tickets said 7:00. We arrived at the amphitheatre at 6:00 just in case the latter time was the correct one. We passed the time by buying a t-shirt each. They had a really cool brown tour shirt, but were out of my size. I settled for the women’s blue t-shirt. A little FYI here – If you buy one of the blue shirts, buy one that is a size larger than you would normally wear. I usually wear a size 6-8 so I bought a medium. The shirt is way too small. Twenty five bucks for a shirt I can’t even wear. Would anyone like a JBT t-shirt? Next we went in search of food. Slim pickins. I had Nacho cheese and chips. The cheese sauce was fake (of course) and cold. I was extraordinarily hungry so I managed to choke it down with the aid of a watered down coca cola. MMmmm….good! Ha.

We then made our way down to our seats. Not too bad. Only 18 rows from the front. As the time reached 6:45 we assumed the show was to start at 7;00 just as the tickets read. 7:00 passed by…7:15…..7:30… 7:40-ish I smelled biodiesel. I’m guessing the band must have been held up by traffic. Who knows?! A few minutes after smelled the strong odor of biodiesel, the DJ from davefm came on stage to introduce the bands. He told the crowd thank you for coming to see G.Love and Special Sauce, which was followed by a cheer from the crowd. Then he said the opening act is the John Butler Trio, which was followed by a HUGE cheer from the crowd. The DJ threw his head back, laughed, and said “How did I know that was going to be the reaction?!”.

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Outside Lands Plans… Saturday August 23

Ok, so I skipped Friday.

I checked out the schedule for today and made my plans. Here’s my lineup:

1) Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck

2) Rupa and the April Fishes

3) Devendra Banhart

4) Galactic City Soul

5) M. Ward

6) Nellie McKay (I LOVE her!!)

7) Donavon Frakenreiter or café tacvba ?
?? Difficult choice…

8 ) Ben Harper

9) Cake

9) Tom Petty

See ya later!


Lyle Lovett’s 2008 Tour Wins Converts

Photos: Overture Hall, Madison WI
July 13th, 2008
Credit for all photos to Bryan Gladding. Thank you, Bryan.

Lyle’s 2008 tour is one great tour. After every show, this blog gets tons of hits for Lyle and his band, and my email gets messages from person after person who was there for the magic of another show on another night…

The set list is great. It really is. It’s fantastic. But it’s more than the set list…

From Kate:

“This Lyle Lovett concert at the Mountain Winery was the best musical performance I have ever attended.

“I am so glad you were there, because the evening, the weather, the night sky and band with the mission as the backdrop, along with the dramatic lighting…..well…… was heaven.”

From Gary:

“I hadn’t actually seen Lyle in concert until August 9th, I was just a casual fan. But that show made me a convert.”

“..The most amazing thing: There was a thunderstorm going on behind the stage in the mountains not too far away. When Lyle was singing “I Will Rise Up/Ain’t No More Cane”, when he sang “As the storm clouds gather and the lightning strikes”, a big bolt of lighting filled the sky behind him. To make the effect even more amazing, when he sang the next line “And the thunder rolls”, it did exactly that. The thunder rumbled down from the mountains and the crowd went wild. It couldn’t have happened more perfectly if he’d have timed it himself. From then on, the crowd was transfixed.”

From Sam:

“I have seen Lyle on several tours and this is my absolute favorite.”

“The BIG highlight of the Louisville show was that Lyle’s monitor went out and while they fixed the technical glitch, he chatted with the audience and told a story about a woman that was on the plane with him that came to the show that night. It took about 5 min. to fix the glitch and Lyle was pure magic during the give and take with the audience. After the glitch, he resumed the show with “This Old Porch” and proceeded through the rest of the set with anecdotes and stories not heard at the other shows.

Now while I can’t promise you great stuff like technical glitches and lightening and thunder on cue at your show, I think it’s safe to say this is a tour not to be missed.

If you do go see the show, drop me an email or a comment about it. I love that sort of thing.

Link to some audio of the Saratoga show HERE.


Outside Lands, Friday Aug 22: Who should I see?

Well? Who should I see Friday? I need to make a plan…

Honestly, Friday’s lineup doesn’t have me going crazy or anything. Should it? Somebody tell me what the can’t miss show of Friday is, and don’t say Radiohead.


The John Butler Trio at Lollapalooza, August 3, 2008

If I had the chance to see these guys in the next few weeks I would be all over it. No special reason that I’m saying that. Just a comment. And speaking of comments, check out those comments on youtube from the folks who were there… Wow. Seems they liked the show.


RIP Bernie Mac… Thanks for the laughs, man.

This has nothing to do with music, it has to do with Bernie Mac.

I’m gonna miss him.

I can’t believe he’s gone.
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