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Melody Gardot

I have no time these days to be posting to this blog. Work is crazy, and home is crazy, and I’m busy, busy, busy… But I just heard this artist for the first time today and I have to put up some kind of short post about her…

Melody Gardot. Check this girl out.

Love Me Like a River Does

The next video doesn’t allow embedding. Could it be my new favorite version of Aint No Sunshine? Too bad it’s a partial video.

Ain’t No Sunshine
HERE. check it out.

Worrysome Heart


John Butler Trio, G. Love, and Phil Lesh at Slow Food Rocks Festival, San Francisco 08/31/08

So yesterday I went to the Slow Food Rocks festival at Fort Mason, San Francisco. Now this was my kind of festival. ONE stage (so tandjam won’t get confused), all the sets lasted over an hour (not just the headliner), a crowd of reasonable proportions, and the kicker: perfect weather.

Could there have been a more beautiful day in San Francisco? I don’t think so.

Here is a short video clip of John Butler performing ‘Ocean’…such a beautiful day, and beautiful guitar…

A short clip of the scene during the Phil Lesh and Friends set (it was great):

I feel so relaxed just watching that…


More short vids of John Butler after the jump.
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-Paul Thorn

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