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Jamie Lidell and his band don’t need no stinking electricity.

ETA: It’s been brought to my attention that maybe they did have some electricity. Ok, well, it’s still fun.

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Taylor Hicks “The Distance” album preview on AOL

I loved Taylor Hicks on that giant karaoke contest in 2006. Wasn’t he great? And I’ve seen him in concert several times *cough* since then and always enjoy his live show. But I’m going to be honest here and say I didn’t love the album he put out after AI. I can’t really recommend it. I enjoyed some of the songs stripped down or decorated with tags as part of his live show, but the album recordings… didn’t blow my hair back.

But this new album, The Distance…this new one I can get behind. I like this music. The old Taylor is back. He growls, he grooves, he emotes, he rocks, he hits those high notes…and the music sounds great. My ears enjoy this.

The album is an entertaining mix of songs, and while some are better than others, there is nothing bad on the album, and plenty good.

You can listen to a preview of Taylor’s entire album here.

Tracks I recommend you check out:

Seven Mile Breakdown – everything you need in a southern rock song.

Maybe You Should – a tender heart-breaker

I Live On a Battlefield – shows off Taylor’s voice and is just good music, a good song.

Woman’s Got To Have It – old school soul cover with Elliott Yamin.

***ETA: You can get the song Seven Mile Breakdown for free right now on Amazon. ****


Ryan Bingham – Thanks, Mom


So my mom calls me and says “Did you see Austin City Limits last night? It was great.”

“No, who was on?” I ask, very curious about who could have fired up my mom enough to have her call me just to talk about it.

“The Drive-By Truckers and Ryan Bingham. They were both great, but you got to check out Ryan Bingham.”

Well, my mom knows what’s what, so I got right on that.

First, I looked up the Austin City Limits show she saw and found a link to a video:
(no embedding, but it’s worth the click HERE)

Well, that led to checking out youtube vids…and that led to Amazon and downloading the album, and that is leading me to go on a long walk with my ipod later today.


Mr. President, you better make it up to Etta James.

Etta James wants to kick some ass! And she can do it, too. Watch out, Beyonce!

She shouldn’t have said that shit about Obama, though. I know she didn’t mean it… she was just hurt and pissed off.

It reminds me of a story in Etta’s biography where Etta talked about meeting Billie Holiday and Billie Holiday ripping her a new one for singing her song.

It just isn’t done. Etta is the queen. Etta is a legend. Etta is one of the best voices in American music, ever. Etta is the one and only Ms Etta. Etta is alive, for chis’ sake. Beyonce is nothing next to her. It was disrespectful (and hurtful) to have Beyonce sing Etta’s song on that amazing night in American history.

Mr. President, you have got to make this better. It’s the right thing to do.

ETA: Etta James truly miffed about Obama snub, but was kidding about disliking Beyonce .

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