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By popular demand: ‘Keep It In Your Pantry’ lyrics (as heard by tandjam)

Lyle Lovett singing Keep It In Your Pantry, August 1, 2008

Every few days or so I get some hits from people searching for these lyrics. So I put on my headphones and then consulted some friends who also listened, and this is what we came up with:
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A word about audience recordings…

Big time tapers with their mics raised above the crowd at a Gov't Mule show

Please, never pay for audience recordings. Audience recordings are always FREE.
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John Butler says goodbye to Michael and Shannon

The John Butler Trio will be changing its line up in the upcoming months. Drummer Michael Barker and bass player Shannon Birchall will play their last shows with The John Butler Trio in April.

John has thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the last 6 years touring and recording with Michael and Shannon and for purely artistic reasons, feels that it is necessary to change the line up.

Historically the John Butler Trio have had a changing line up over the last 10 years through their stage performances and studio recordings of ‘Three’, ‘Sunrise Over Sea’ and ‘Grand National’.

John Butler said today,

“Michael and Shannon have been by far the best line up I have performed with in The John Butler Trio to date. They have been a pleasure to live, love, learn, record and tour with. Their professionalism, musicianship, and commitment have been unwavering and for that and a whole lot more I am truly thankful.”

John Butler would like to publicly acknowledge the amazing contribution that Michael and Shannon have made over these last years, and wishes them well in their future musical and personal endeavours.

This is a sad day.

Will we in the States ever get to hear and feel Michael Barker’s rhythms pound through the atmosphere again?

I guess maybe if we are lucky he might tour the US with some other group. But maybe not. And for sure not with the JBT again.

I’m just sad.


Taylor Hicks at the Roxy, March 18 2009, FLAC and mp3 download


(Thanks to Cali50 for the photo!)

Taylor Hicks
The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, California
March 18, 2009

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: back of the floor, center, a few feet from the soundboard.
conversion: R09>audacity (gain)>CD Wave>FLAC Frontend
taper: T&Jam (

Hear samples in my recap post: HERE.

Guitar: Josh Smith
Sax: Brian Gallagher
Percussion: Luis Conte
Drums: Gary Novak
Organ: Tim Carmen
Pedal Steel Guitar: Jay Leach
Bass: Michael Mennell

Disc 1

1. The Distance
2. Give Me Tonight
3. Heaven Knows
4. The Maze (tags: Inner City Blues/Warm Love/Be young, Be Foolish, Be Happy)
5. crowd noise –banter- “This is where it all starts: Right here at the Roxy Theatre..”
6. Hide Nor Hair
7. Nineteen
8. Gonna Move (tag: Old Weakness)
9. Woman’s Gotta Have It
10. crowd noise
11. I Live On a Battlefield

Disc 2

1. The Deal
2. Seven Mile Breakdown (harp)
3. –banter- “a nice manly voice”
4. The Right Place
5. banter>>Once Upon a Lover
6. What’s Right Is Right
7. Soul Thing (tags: Mama Said/Eastbound and Down)
8. crowd noise –calling for encore-
9. encore: My Sweet Lord

16 bit flac files:
download FLAC
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Always FREE.
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This is where it all starts: Right here at the Roxy Theatre (concert recap w/ audio)

(thanks to Cali50 for the picture)

Last night I saw Taylor Hicks at the Roxy in Los Angeles. (March 18, 2009)

I loved it. It was my favorite TH performance. He brought his A+++ game. Great music. It was the best vocals I’ve ever heard from him, and that’s saying something.

The crowd was pretty cool, the venue was cool, the band was great, and like I said, Taylor seriously BROUGHT IT.

And that encore…remember Taking It to the Streets? Remember how he just rocked that song out and we all shouted ‘HELL YES!’ at the end? Well, that’s how he rocked out My Sweet Lord. It was electric. I wish you could have seen it.

I can’t give much more of a recap because I am running on very little sleep and…I just can’t. I’m beat.

The recording should be up in a few days, but here’s some samples while you wait:

ETA: The Right Place

Gonna Move

Seven Mile Breakdown

My Sweet Lord


More Ryan Bingham


It’s been a few days since I got the album, and I LOVE it. Beautiful.

If this sounds beautiful to you, BUY IT. You won’t regret it.

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