The Paul Thorn Band, August 9, 2009, flac and mp3 download

The Paul Thorn Band, 08-09-2009, t&jam

The Paul Thorn Band
The Little Fox Theatre, Redwood City, California
August 9, 2009

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: balcony, center, mics clipped to the rail.
conversion: R09>>CD Wave>flac frontend
taper: T&Jam (tandjam@hotmail.com)

Hear samples of the recording HERE.

Lead vocals, guitar: Paul Thorn
Drums: Jeffery Perkins
Bass: Doug Kahn
Keyboards: Michael Graham
Electric guitar: Bill Hinds

Disc 1

1. Long Way From Tupelo >> banter “..My washing machine’s tore up back home..”
2. Are You With Me
3. Double Wide Paradise
4. banter ‘…first job at McDonalds..’
5. Mood Ring
6. Banter ‘…laundry..’
7. I’m Still Here
8. Crutches
9. banter ‘if they don’t come back, they’re off doing it with somebody else..’
10. Every Little Bit Hurts
11. Better Days
12. Hammer and Nail
13. banter ‘…musicians leaving stage…’
14. Temporarily Forever Mind
15. banter ‘…she came just to toy with my emotions…’
16. I Bet He Knows

Disc 2

1. banter >>Honky Tonk Neanderthal
2. Everybody Wishes
3. banter ‘…it appears as if everything is fine, but it aint…’
4. Pimps and Preachers
5. banter
6. Black Rainbow
7. What Have You Done to Lift Somebody Up
8. Weeds In My Roses
9. banter …introducing the band…
10. Aint Love Strange
11. banter (during the show, the audience has been taking up a collection to help Paul out with his washing machine! Here an audience member presents the collection bucket to Paul…)
12. I Have a Good Day
13. Lovers Vacation
14. Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
15. crowd noise…calling for encore…
16. Burn Down The Trailer Park
17. Rise Up

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2 Responses to “The Paul Thorn Band, August 9, 2009, flac and mp3 download”

  1. 1 Tish
    November 14, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    I am really enjoying this concert. Thanks so much!

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