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Taylor Hicks, August 25, 2010, San Francisco, California, Audio Recording

A friend and I caught Taylor Hicks at the Rrazz Room in San Francisco last week.

It was my first time at the venue. It had a great vibe and great sound.

It was my zillionth time seeing Taylor Hicks. He also had a great vibe and a great sound. I thought it was one of the better TH shows I’ve seen. I still think The Roxy was the best TH show I’ve ever seen, but this Rrazz Room show is now my second favorite. That’s my second favorite out of a zillion shows, so that is saying something.

He was relaxed, but serious. He rocked it out, mixed it up, was liberal with the tags, and had an entertaining set list. It was a treat to have LiMBO band members Jeff Lopez on the sax, Brian Less on the keys, and Sam Gunderson on guitar. Those guys seem like old friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and it was great to see and hear them again. They were joined by the excellent Leif Bondarenko and Matt Kimbrell on drums and percussion and the excellent Brandon Peeples on bass.

The venue had an aura of ‘cool,’ and the crowd was cool, too.

We had good seats and I had planned to record the show as usual so obviously I brought my recorder. Unfortunately, but I forgot something I needed to make my mics work, so I couldn’t use them. It’s too bad too, because the sound was great at our seats and it would have been a pretty good recording.

At the last minute I decided to try my luck with using the internal mics on my recorder. I hit record, and let it go.

I think it doesn’t sound too bad for using the internal mics, so I’m going to go ahead and post the recording…


Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

Soul Thing (love the tags starting around the 6:00 mark…)

Back to Louisiana

Seven Mile Breakdown

Hold On To Your Love


Download after the jump


Love the One You’re With
The Deal
Soul Thing —tags: San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair), East Bound and Down
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
What’s Right Is Right
Hold On To Your Love –tags: It’s a Man’s Word, Ghost In This House, (not really a tag: he said, “Bay Blues. San Francisco Bay Blues”
Maybe You Should — said “Sausalito town” instead of “Alabama town”
Back To Louisiana
Seven Mile Breakdown tag: The Valley Road
The Fall

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Jamie Lidell, June 18, 2010, Flac and mp3 downlaod

Jamie Lidell
The Independent, San Francisco, California
June 18, 2010

Shared for FREE. Never pay for audience recordings!

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: Center of audience
conversion: R09>CD Wave
taper: T&Jam (

vocals (plus some of everything else!): Jamie Lidell
percussion/backup vocals/rhythm/synths: Guillermo Brown
guitars/bass: Jake Aron
drums/percussion/keys(?): Ludwig Persik

Hear samples of the recording HERE.

Disc 1

1. Intro banter
2. The Ring
3. Gypsy Blood
4. Where’d You Go
5. –banter-
6. Enough’s Enough
7. Multiply
8. –banter-
9. I Wanna Be Your Telephone
10. The City

Disc 2

1. Completely Exposed
2. –banter-
3. Another Day
4. When I Come Back Around
5. Coma Chameleon
6. –banter-

Disc 3

1. Your Sweet Boom
2. -crowd noise-
3. Compass
4. Little Bit of Feel Good

Download 24 bit FLAC files HERE

Download mp3’s HERE

Shared for FREE. Never pay for audience recordings! Support the artist by buying their albums!


Jamie Lidell Live, June 18, 2010 @ The Independent, San Francisco recap/audio

I thought I was getting two Jamie Lidell shows for the price of one yesterday, but I got stuck in traffic on 101 and missed the 6:00 show at Amoeba Records. By the time I got there, the band was packed up and waiting outside the store for their ride. On the bright side, I was in the City for the show at The Independent early and I got to say ‘hey’ to JAMIE LIDELL in front of Amoeba Records. (!!)

His show at the Independent was an hour and a half of happy, funky, satisfaction. He looks and sounds healthy and at the very top of his game. He says he is in love right now. That may explain why he seems so…buoyant.

I had a blast at the show. More fun than I’ve had in a while. I reinforced my decision to be sure to never miss a Jamie Lidell show when he comes to town. He’s just phenomenal.

Bonus: The recording came out pretty good!

Here are some samples:

The Ring



Completely Exposed

When I Come Back Around

Your Sweet Boom

Downloads will be up in a few days!


Ryan Bingham and The Dead Horses, May 8, 2009, Hotel Utah, San Francisco, recap/audio

Ryan Bingham 05-08-09 Hotel Utah, San Francisco, by tandjam

I already sorta recapped the vibe of the show in the first post, so I won’t add too much here. It was a late night, a rowdy night, a great night. I felt like I had been waiting to see Ryan Bingham for years, but really it had only been a few months since I first heard of him.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dude downstairs who kept yelling out requests. At the time I didn’t appreciate him much, but looking back… Gracias, brother. You requested some good stuff.

Audio downloads should be up in a few days. (ETA: downloads HERE)

Here is the set list with samples of the audio:

1. Roadhouse Blues

2. Dollar a Day

3. Hard Times
4. Day Is Done (maybe a little clipping. Sorry.)
5. Tell My Mother I Miss Her So

6. Sunrise

7. Dylan’s Hard Rain

8. Boracho Station

9. South Side of Heaven

10. Endless Ways

11. Change Is

12. Hey Hey Hurray

13. Bluebird

14. Sunshine

15. Bread and Water


16. Ever Wonder Why

17. A Long Way From Georgia

18. Sweet Louisiana (Charlie Daniels)

19. Wishing Well>>White Freight Liner Blues (Townes Van Zandt)


Taylor Hicks Live -Cafe Du Nord- April 14, 2009, Recap w/ Audio

photo credit to soulkaren! Taylor Hicks, Cafe du Nord, 4-14-09As he tours the country in Grease, Taylor Hicks has been playing some little after-hours shows in some cities along the way. I went to see one of those shows at the Roxy in Hollywood, and then when he came up to San Francisco, I caught another one of those shows at the Cafe Du Nord on a Tuesday night.

(photo credit: soulkaren)
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This is where it all starts: Right here at the Roxy Theatre (concert recap w/ audio)

(thanks to Cali50 for the picture)

Last night I saw Taylor Hicks at the Roxy in Los Angeles. (March 18, 2009)

I loved it. It was my favorite TH performance. He brought his A+++ game. Great music. It was the best vocals I’ve ever heard from him, and that’s saying something.

The crowd was pretty cool, the venue was cool, the band was great, and like I said, Taylor seriously BROUGHT IT.

And that encore…remember Taking It to the Streets? Remember how he just rocked that song out and we all shouted ‘HELL YES!’ at the end? Well, that’s how he rocked out My Sweet Lord. It was electric. I wish you could have seen it.

I can’t give much more of a recap because I am running on very little sleep and…I just can’t. I’m beat.

The recording should be up in a few days, but here’s some samples while you wait:

ETA: The Right Place

Gonna Move

Seven Mile Breakdown

My Sweet Lord


Ray LaMontagne Live, 11-03-2008, recap w/audio


The clouds crack and growl
Like some great cat on the prowl…

-Winter Birds

On a rainy November 3rd, I went to see Ray LaMontagne at Oakland’s beautiful Paramount Theatre. The night was full of anticipation and excitement both because of the historic election that was coming the next day, and because we were about to hear Ray sing. At quiet moments between songs, people in the crowd yelled out refereneces to Obama like “Change is coming!” and the song request “Jolene!” in about equal parts. It was a happy night.

The theater was beautiful. It was a beautiful show. We had beautiful seats. Ray was beautiful.

I don’t know what else to say, except that “Gossip in the Grain” is a great album, and if you get the chance to see Ray live I really hope you do. He casts a spell and you just fall in…

Here’s the set list with some samples of my recording of the show:

1. You Are the Best Thing
2. Hold You In My Arms
3. Let It Be Me

4. I Still Care For You
5. Empty
6. Henry Almost Killed Me

7. Narrow Escape

8. Meg White
9. Burn

10. Winter Birds

11. Hey Me, Hey Mama
12. You Can Bring Me Flowers

13. Shelter
14. Trouble

15. Three More Days
16. Jolene
-second encore-
17. Gossip In The Grain

Downloads to follow in a few days…(except for the two dudes in the second row who talked through ‘Empty.’ No downloads for you!)

Oh, and I’ll just come right out and say I’d love some comments on this one…either on this recording, or on the album “Gossip in the Grain” or on Ray or whatever…Please share your thoughts!

ETA: download of this show HERE.

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