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Taylor Hicks, August 25, 2010, San Francisco, California, Audio Recording

A friend and I caught Taylor Hicks at the Rrazz Room in San Francisco last week.

It was my first time at the venue. It had a great vibe and great sound.

It was my zillionth time seeing Taylor Hicks. He also had a great vibe and a great sound. I thought it was one of the better TH shows I’ve seen. I still think The Roxy was the best TH show I’ve ever seen, but this Rrazz Room show is now my second favorite. That’s my second favorite out of a zillion shows, so that is saying something.

He was relaxed, but serious. He rocked it out, mixed it up, was liberal with the tags, and had an entertaining set list. It was a treat to have LiMBO band members Jeff Lopez on the sax, Brian Less on the keys, and Sam Gunderson on guitar. Those guys seem like old friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and it was great to see and hear them again. They were joined by the excellent Leif Bondarenko and Matt Kimbrell on drums and percussion and the excellent Brandon Peeples on bass.

The venue had an aura of ‘cool,’ and the crowd was cool, too.

We had good seats and I had planned to record the show as usual so obviously I brought my recorder. Unfortunately, but I forgot something I needed to make my mics work, so I couldn’t use them. It’s too bad too, because the sound was great at our seats and it would have been a pretty good recording.

At the last minute I decided to try my luck with using the internal mics on my recorder. I hit record, and let it go.

I think it doesn’t sound too bad for using the internal mics, so I’m going to go ahead and post the recording…


Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

Soul Thing (love the tags starting around the 6:00 mark…)

Back to Louisiana

Seven Mile Breakdown

Hold On To Your Love


Download after the jump


Love the One You’re With
The Deal
Soul Thing —tags: San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair), East Bound and Down
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
What’s Right Is Right
Hold On To Your Love –tags: It’s a Man’s Word, Ghost In This House, (not really a tag: he said, “Bay Blues. San Francisco Bay Blues”
Maybe You Should — said “Sausalito town” instead of “Alabama town”
Back To Louisiana
Seven Mile Breakdown tag: The Valley Road
The Fall

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Jamie Lidell Live, June 18, 2010 @ The Independent, San Francisco recap/audio

I thought I was getting two Jamie Lidell shows for the price of one yesterday, but I got stuck in traffic on 101 and missed the 6:00 show at Amoeba Records. By the time I got there, the band was packed up and waiting outside the store for their ride. On the bright side, I was in the City for the show at The Independent early and I got to say ‘hey’ to JAMIE LIDELL in front of Amoeba Records. (!!)

His show at the Independent was an hour and a half of happy, funky, satisfaction. He looks and sounds healthy and at the very top of his game. He says he is in love right now. That may explain why he seems so…buoyant.

I had a blast at the show. More fun than I’ve had in a while. I reinforced my decision to be sure to never miss a Jamie Lidell show when he comes to town. He’s just phenomenal.

Bonus: The recording came out pretty good!

Here are some samples:

The Ring



Completely Exposed

When I Come Back Around

Your Sweet Boom

Downloads will be up in a few days!


Paul Thorn, The Little Fox Theatre, August 9, 2009 recap w/ audio

Paul Thorn @ The Little Fox, Redwood City, California, 2009-08-09 by tandjam

What I like about Paul Thorn’s songs is their honesty, truth and humor. ‘Real’ is the word that comes to mind again and again.

‘Intimate’ and ‘fun’ are the words that come to mind when I remember the show he played at the Little Fox Theatre in Redwood City August 9th, 2009.

I had a great time at this show, and I will never miss Paul Thorn when he comes to town again. (I really wish he would come to the San Francisco Bay area more often.)

The set list with a few audio samples from that night:

Long Way From Tupelo
Are You With Me
Doublewide Paradise
Mood Ring
I’m Still Here

Every Little Bit Hurts

Better Days Ahead
Hammer and Nail
Temporarily Forever Mine

I Bet He Knows

Honky Tonk Neanderthal (this one has a lot of banter before the song starts, but it’s worth it!)

Everybody Wishes
Pimps and Preachers
Black Rainbow

What Have You Done To Lift Somebody Up
Weeds In My Roses (new song)

Ain’t Love Strange

I Have A Good Day
Lovers Vacation
Mission Temple Fireworks Stand

Burn Down the Trailer Park
Rise Up

(The downloads of the show should be up over the weekend.)
ETA: The Downloads are up!


Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam, July 28, 2009, Stubb’s, Austin TX, recap/audio

stolen placeholder pic until Art hooks me up with his cell phone pic from the show

stolen placeholder pic until Art hooks me up with his cell phone pic from the show

It was a hot show: hot as hell inside the lower level of Stubb’s in Austin, Davy’s tea was hot, and of course the music was hot, with Davy burning up the strings and melting faces all night long.

Each time I listen to the recording of the show I am blown away all over again.

Here’s some samples:

What In the World (Rory Gallagher)

Commotion (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Coming Up For Air

Walk On Hot Coals (Rory Gallagher)

New song…unknown title…?

Downloads of the entire show should be up over the weekend.

ETA: The downloads are up HERE.


Taylor Hicks, thanks to Linda T, 8-16-09, Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta


(Photo credit: rajrae, on the Boogie Board)

When Linda T let me know a short while ago that she was getting her first recorder and jumping into taping, I was pretty excited.

When she dropped one of her first shows in my mailbox, I was thrilled!

Check out a sample of new taper extraordinaire Linda T’s August 16th 2009 audience recording of Taylor Hicks:


Don’t Let Me Down


‘A Blues tune…an old Tibetan folk singer song’ (Gonna Move)

So, what do you think? Pretty good, right?

Thanks to Linda T, downloads will follow shortly!


Ryan Bingham and The Dead Horses, May 8, 2009, Hotel Utah, San Francisco, recap/audio

Ryan Bingham 05-08-09 Hotel Utah, San Francisco, by tandjam

I already sorta recapped the vibe of the show in the first post, so I won’t add too much here. It was a late night, a rowdy night, a great night. I felt like I had been waiting to see Ryan Bingham for years, but really it had only been a few months since I first heard of him.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dude downstairs who kept yelling out requests. At the time I didn’t appreciate him much, but looking back… Gracias, brother. You requested some good stuff.

Audio downloads should be up in a few days. (ETA: downloads HERE)

Here is the set list with samples of the audio:

1. Roadhouse Blues

2. Dollar a Day

3. Hard Times
4. Day Is Done (maybe a little clipping. Sorry.)
5. Tell My Mother I Miss Her So

6. Sunrise

7. Dylan’s Hard Rain

8. Boracho Station

9. South Side of Heaven

10. Endless Ways

11. Change Is

12. Hey Hey Hurray

13. Bluebird

14. Sunshine

15. Bread and Water


16. Ever Wonder Why

17. A Long Way From Georgia

18. Sweet Louisiana (Charlie Daniels)

19. Wishing Well>>White Freight Liner Blues (Townes Van Zandt)


Taylor Hicks Live -Cafe Du Nord- April 14, 2009, Recap w/ Audio

photo credit to soulkaren! Taylor Hicks, Cafe du Nord, 4-14-09As he tours the country in Grease, Taylor Hicks has been playing some little after-hours shows in some cities along the way. I went to see one of those shows at the Roxy in Hollywood, and then when he came up to San Francisco, I caught another one of those shows at the Cafe Du Nord on a Tuesday night.

(photo credit: soulkaren)
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