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Mr. President, you better make it up to Etta James.

Etta James wants to kick some ass! And she can do it, too. Watch out, Beyonce!

She shouldn’t have said that shit about Obama, though. I know she didn’t mean it… she was just hurt and pissed off.

It reminds me of a story in Etta’s biography where Etta talked about meeting Billie Holiday and Billie Holiday ripping her a new one for singing her song.

It just isn’t done. Etta is the queen. Etta is a legend. Etta is one of the best voices in American music, ever. Etta is the one and only Ms Etta. Etta is alive, for chis’ sake. Beyonce is nothing next to her. It was disrespectful (and hurtful) to have Beyonce sing Etta’s song on that amazing night in American history.

Mr. President, you have got to make this better. It’s the right thing to do.

ETA: Etta James truly miffed about Obama snub, but was kidding about disliking Beyonce .

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