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Jamie Lidell Live, June 18, 2010 @ The Independent, San Francisco recap/audio

I thought I was getting two Jamie Lidell shows for the price of one yesterday, but I got stuck in traffic on 101 and missed the 6:00 show at Amoeba Records. By the time I got there, the band was packed up and waiting outside the store for their ride. On the bright side, I was in the City for the show at The Independent early and I got to say ‘hey’ to JAMIE LIDELL in front of Amoeba Records. (!!)

His show at the Independent was an hour and a half of happy, funky, satisfaction. He looks and sounds healthy and at the very top of his game. He says he is in love right now. That may explain why he seems so…buoyant.

I had a blast at the show. More fun than I’ve had in a while. I reinforced my decision to be sure to never miss a Jamie Lidell show when he comes to town. He’s just phenomenal.

Bonus: The recording came out pretty good!

Here are some samples:

The Ring



Completely Exposed

When I Come Back Around

Your Sweet Boom

Downloads will be up in a few days!


My funky night, July 18 Lettuce/Trombone Shorty

Well, Lettuce was great!

Here’s a little blurb about them…

Lettuce, the seven-person all-star collective originally formed in 1992, returns to the funk jazz forefront with its third album, RAGE!, a hyper-charged outing of tunes that are equal parts artsy and party. The CD is a tantalizing tribute to funk music — paying homage to all stripes of funksters, including James Brown, Sly Stone, Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, the Meters, Earth Wind & Fire, Parliament Funkadelics, J Dilla—music that reflects “our way of life,” says bassist Erick “E.D.” Coomes, who is joined in the groove onslaught by his co-ragers: keyboardist Neal Evans, saxophonists Sam Kininger and Ryan Zoidis, guitarists Eric Krasno and Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff, and drummer Adam Deitch.

Really, really good music. I saw somebody taping up near the stage, so I hope we can download the show someplace soon. I don’t even know what else to say except this was really, really great music. Funky fantastic jams. I’m thinking about going again tonight. Not sure that will be possible though.

I have two of their albums, Live In Tokyo , and Rage! and love them both.

Blast Off (Rage!)

Flu The Coop (Live in Tokyo)

In other news, Trombone Shorty didn’t really bring it last night. He was alright, though. Maybe it was my expectations. I was hoping for more than we got at Stern Grove. I don’t know.

Also, New Rule: I will not try to tape at small bars or clubs anymore, until I am taping in the open and can raise my mics above the crowd (might never happen). There is no point to trying to do it any other way. Plus, I don’t enjoy the show as much when I’m trying to tape in those kinds of places because I get frustrated by the crowd. When that happens my priorities are out of wack. So forget it. I’ll just save myself the stress of things I can’t control and just have fun at the show. “BE THERE” is my new motto. (Actually that’s my old motto. I’m just bringing it back.)


Taylor Hicks sits in with George Porter 04-11-08

A million thanks to luvtaylorhicks who found these vids and posted them over at the Boogie Board! Taylor Hicks sat in with PBS the other night, and somebody posted it on youtube. (Thanks, cashbham.)

Too bad the songs are broken up, but it’s ok — at last there is a little T around here!

Part 1…groovy

Part 2…here come the vocals I’ve been missing….

Part 3…and the big finish…

(See the rest of cashbham’s vids for the other song.)


Figuring Out Jamie Lidell

The video for Little Bit of Feel Good is out!

Yeah!  It sounds like he has another great album on the way. Lots of layers, lots of intstruments, lots of everything.  Plus, this video says ‘crazy’ in a way that only Jamie can. 

 Not only that, but Jamie Lidell is giving away a free mp3 when you join his mailing list.  I love that kind of stuff.  It makes me join mailing lists and post on my blog, and so forth…

Figured Me Out (LA Garage Mix)

According to his website, the new album, JIM, will be in out April 28/29, and in May his tour hits the U.S.

That’s a show I won’t be missing….I hope.   Well, we’ll see if I can talk someone into going to see this brilliant spaz with me…

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