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Taylor Hicks, August 25, 2010, San Francisco, California, Audio Recording

A friend and I caught Taylor Hicks at the Rrazz Room in San Francisco last week.

It was my first time at the venue. It had a great vibe and great sound.

It was my zillionth time seeing Taylor Hicks. He also had a great vibe and a great sound. I thought it was one of the better TH shows I’ve seen. I still think The Roxy was the best TH show I’ve ever seen, but this Rrazz Room show is now my second favorite. That’s my second favorite out of a zillion shows, so that is saying something.

He was relaxed, but serious. He rocked it out, mixed it up, was liberal with the tags, and had an entertaining set list. It was a treat to have LiMBO band members Jeff Lopez on the sax, Brian Less on the keys, and Sam Gunderson on guitar. Those guys seem like old friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and it was great to see and hear them again. They were joined by the excellent Leif Bondarenko and Matt Kimbrell on drums and percussion and the excellent Brandon Peeples on bass.

The venue had an aura of ‘cool,’ and the crowd was cool, too.

We had good seats and I had planned to record the show as usual so obviously I brought my recorder. Unfortunately, but I forgot something I needed to make my mics work, so I couldn’t use them. It’s too bad too, because the sound was great at our seats and it would have been a pretty good recording.

At the last minute I decided to try my luck with using the internal mics on my recorder. I hit record, and let it go.

I think it doesn’t sound too bad for using the internal mics, so I’m going to go ahead and post the recording…


Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

Soul Thing (love the tags starting around the 6:00 mark…)

Back to Louisiana

Seven Mile Breakdown

Hold On To Your Love


Download after the jump


Love the One You’re With
The Deal
Soul Thing —tags: San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair), East Bound and Down
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
What’s Right Is Right
Hold On To Your Love –tags: It’s a Man’s Word, Ghost In This House, (not really a tag: he said, “Bay Blues. San Francisco Bay Blues”
Maybe You Should — said “Sausalito town” instead of “Alabama town”
Back To Louisiana
Seven Mile Breakdown tag: The Valley Road
The Fall

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Jamie Lidell, June 18, 2010, Flac and mp3 downlaod

Jamie Lidell
The Independent, San Francisco, California
June 18, 2010

Shared for FREE. Never pay for audience recordings!

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: Center of audience
conversion: R09>CD Wave
taper: T&Jam (

vocals (plus some of everything else!): Jamie Lidell
percussion/backup vocals/rhythm/synths: Guillermo Brown
guitars/bass: Jake Aron
drums/percussion/keys(?): Ludwig Persik

Hear samples of the recording HERE.

Disc 1

1. Intro banter
2. The Ring
3. Gypsy Blood
4. Where’d You Go
5. –banter-
6. Enough’s Enough
7. Multiply
8. –banter-
9. I Wanna Be Your Telephone
10. The City

Disc 2

1. Completely Exposed
2. –banter-
3. Another Day
4. When I Come Back Around
5. Coma Chameleon
6. –banter-

Disc 3

1. Your Sweet Boom
2. -crowd noise-
3. Compass
4. Little Bit of Feel Good

Download 24 bit FLAC files HERE

Download mp3’s HERE

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The Paul Thorn Band, August 9, 2009, flac and mp3 download

The Paul Thorn Band, 08-09-2009, t&jam

The Paul Thorn Band
The Little Fox Theatre, Redwood City, California
August 9, 2009

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: balcony, center, mics clipped to the rail.
conversion: R09>>CD Wave>flac frontend
taper: T&Jam (

Hear samples of the recording HERE.

Lead vocals, guitar: Paul Thorn
Drums: Jeffery Perkins
Bass: Doug Kahn
Keyboards: Michael Graham
Electric guitar: Bill Hinds

Disc 1

1. Long Way From Tupelo >> banter “..My washing machine’s tore up back home..”
2. Are You With Me
3. Double Wide Paradise
4. banter ‘…first job at McDonalds..’
5. Mood Ring
6. Banter ‘…laundry..’
7. I’m Still Here
8. Crutches
9. banter ‘if they don’t come back, they’re off doing it with somebody else..’
10. Every Little Bit Hurts
11. Better Days
12. Hammer and Nail
13. banter ‘…musicians leaving stage…’
14. Temporarily Forever Mind
15. banter ‘…she came just to toy with my emotions…’
16. I Bet He Knows

Disc 2

1. banter >>Honky Tonk Neanderthal
2. Everybody Wishes
3. banter ‘…it appears as if everything is fine, but it aint…’
4. Pimps and Preachers
5. banter
6. Black Rainbow
7. What Have You Done to Lift Somebody Up
8. Weeds In My Roses
9. banter …introducing the band…
10. Aint Love Strange
11. banter (during the show, the audience has been taking up a collection to help Paul out with his washing machine! Here an audience member presents the collection bucket to Paul…)
12. I Have a Good Day
13. Lovers Vacation
14. Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
15. crowd noise…calling for encore…
16. Burn Down The Trailer Park
17. Rise Up

Download FLAC

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Taylor Hicks, Cafe du Nord, April 14, 2009, FLAC and mp3 download

photo credit to soulkaren. Taylor Hicks, Cafe du Nord, 4-14-09(photo credit: soulkaren)

Taylor Hicks
Café Du Nord, San Francisco, California
April 14, 2009

downloads after the jump
* ETA: The downloads of this show are no longer available. Please see Roxy recording and the Roxy downloads for a download of a great Taylor Hicks show.*
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Taylor Hicks at the Roxy, March 18 2009, FLAC and mp3 download


(Thanks to Cali50 for the photo!)

Taylor Hicks
The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, California
March 18, 2009

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: back of the floor, center, a few feet from the soundboard.
conversion: R09>audacity (gain)>CD Wave>FLAC Frontend
taper: T&Jam (

Hear samples in my recap post: HERE.

Guitar: Josh Smith
Sax: Brian Gallagher
Percussion: Luis Conte
Drums: Gary Novak
Organ: Tim Carmen
Pedal Steel Guitar: Jay Leach
Bass: Michael Mennell

Disc 1

1. The Distance
2. Give Me Tonight
3. Heaven Knows
4. The Maze (tags: Inner City Blues/Warm Love/Be young, Be Foolish, Be Happy)
5. crowd noise –banter- “This is where it all starts: Right here at the Roxy Theatre..”
6. Hide Nor Hair
7. Nineteen
8. Gonna Move (tag: Old Weakness)
9. Woman’s Gotta Have It
10. crowd noise
11. I Live On a Battlefield

Disc 2

1. The Deal
2. Seven Mile Breakdown (harp)
3. –banter- “a nice manly voice”
4. The Right Place
5. banter>>Once Upon a Lover
6. What’s Right Is Right
7. Soul Thing (tags: Mama Said/Eastbound and Down)
8. crowd noise –calling for encore-
9. encore: My Sweet Lord

16 bit flac files:
download FLAC
download MP3s

Always FREE.
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– Tab Benoit – The 2008 “Best Set I Never Posted”

I have pile of music from shows I saw over the last year that I never posted for one reason or another. I was going to take a song from each of them and make a “Best of the Rest 2008” post with them, but by the time I could complete a project like that it would be December of 2009, so fugettuhboutit.

Instead, I decided to pick my favorite less than perfect recording and put it up, just as it is.

It was easy to make my pick: the second set of a Tab Benoit show I saw early in the year.

I really should have at least cut the last 3 minutes of crowd noise for you…sorry about that.

But really, who is going to listen to all 90+ minutes of Tab Benoit’s second set at Slim’s in San Francisco Feb 15, 2008 anyway?

Wishing you a Happy, Safe, and Wonderful 2009!


Back Door Slam 10-03-2008 recap w/audio

Friday October 3, 2008 I went to see Back Door Slam. The venue was The Hotel Utah, and I had never been there before.

Photo courtesy of “Bluezman” Thanks, Bluezman!

The place turned out to be nothing but a little bar with a stage and two tiny audience spaces: one on the floor and one on a balcony above the stage. Both audience spaces were hardly larger than the stage itself. The guy at the door said that the place sold out…120 tickets.

Being in that place was more like being on the stage with the band than being in the audience. Very cool.

They opened with Outside Woman Blues. There was a problem with the amp and another had to be brought in before the next song. And that’s kinda how the night went: It was a night of blistering music in a small space with some technical problems that, to me anyway, just lent more charm to the evening.

I also have to say that I have never met a nicer bunch of people than the fans I met at this show.

And the show was great. I will never forget the blur of Davy’s hands on the guitar that night… it was something else. Amazing. The real deal.

Set list, with some audio samples from the show, recorded by yours truly:

1) Outside Women Blues (Cream)

2) Heavy On My Head

3) Riding With The King (John Hiatt)

4) Gotta Leave

5) Almost Cut My Hair (Crosby, Stills and Nash)

6) Tear Down The Walls (new original song)

7) Come Home (It seems Davy kicked so much ass on this song he actually injured himself. Somebody in the audience has the bloody guitar pic to prove it…)

8 ) Hoochie Coochie Man (Willie Dixon)

9) Back Door Slam (Robert Cray)

10) Country Girl (new original song)

11) Won’t Let It happen (new original song)

12) It’ll All Come Around

13) What In The World

14) Been Down So Long>>unknown>>Red House

Downloads of the show in Flac or MP3 will be along soon.

Also, do go see my friend Boolz for a download of the Denver BDS show that happened earlier in the week!

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