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Lyle Lovett – Since the Last time


By popular demand: ‘Keep It In Your Pantry’ lyrics (as heard by tandjam)

Lyle Lovett singing Keep It In Your Pantry, August 1, 2008

Every few days or so I get some hits from people searching for these lyrics. So I put on my headphones and then consulted some friends who also listened, and this is what we came up with:
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Lyle Lovett, August 1 2008, Flac and mp3

Lyle Lovett
Saratoga Mountain Winery
Saratoga, California
August 1, 2008

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: 11th row, far to the right.
conversion: R09>Audacity>CD Wave>FLAC Frontend
taper: T&Jam

Hear samples in my recap post here.

This was my favorite Lyle concert ever, and I’ve been to many of them. I wish the recording was a bit better, but I love it anyway.

Disc 1

1) Church
2) I Will Rise Up
3) Make It Happy
4) No Big Deal
5) banter>Private Conversation
6) If I Were the Man You Wanted
7) Truck Song
8 ) banter
9) This Old Porch
10) banter
11) Cowboy Man
12) banter

Disc 2

1) Penguins
2) Cute As a Bug
3) banter
4) Give Back My Heart
5) Long Tall Texan
6) Don’t Cry a Tear
7) banter
8 ) South Texas Girl
9) All Downhill from Here
10) banter
11) You Were Always There
12) banter

Disc 3

1) Keep It in Your Pantry
2) Up in Indiana
3) Happy Birthday Mitch
4) If I Had a Boat
5) She’s No Lady
6) North Dakota
7) My Baby Don’t Tolerate
8 ) That’s Right, You’re Not from Texas
9) I’m Going to Wait>I’m Going to the Place
10) Aint No More Cain
11) audience noise
12) Soldier in the Army Of The Lord

Download FLAC files here.
Download mp3 files here.


Lyle Lovett’s 2008 Tour Wins Converts

Photos: Overture Hall, Madison WI
July 13th, 2008
Credit for all photos to Bryan Gladding. Thank you, Bryan.

Lyle’s 2008 tour is one great tour. After every show, this blog gets tons of hits for Lyle and his band, and my email gets messages from person after person who was there for the magic of another show on another night…

The set list is great. It really is. It’s fantastic. But it’s more than the set list…

From Kate:

“This Lyle Lovett concert at the Mountain Winery was the best musical performance I have ever attended.

“I am so glad you were there, because the evening, the weather, the night sky and band with the mission as the backdrop, along with the dramatic lighting…..well…… was heaven.”

From Gary:

“I hadn’t actually seen Lyle in concert until August 9th, I was just a casual fan. But that show made me a convert.”

“..The most amazing thing: There was a thunderstorm going on behind the stage in the mountains not too far away. When Lyle was singing “I Will Rise Up/Ain’t No More Cane”, when he sang “As the storm clouds gather and the lightning strikes”, a big bolt of lighting filled the sky behind him. To make the effect even more amazing, when he sang the next line “And the thunder rolls”, it did exactly that. The thunder rumbled down from the mountains and the crowd went wild. It couldn’t have happened more perfectly if he’d have timed it himself. From then on, the crowd was transfixed.”

From Sam:

“I have seen Lyle on several tours and this is my absolute favorite.”

“The BIG highlight of the Louisville show was that Lyle’s monitor went out and while they fixed the technical glitch, he chatted with the audience and told a story about a woman that was on the plane with him that came to the show that night. It took about 5 min. to fix the glitch and Lyle was pure magic during the give and take with the audience. After the glitch, he resumed the show with “This Old Porch” and proceeded through the rest of the set with anecdotes and stories not heard at the other shows.

Now while I can’t promise you great stuff like technical glitches and lightening and thunder on cue at your show, I think it’s safe to say this is a tour not to be missed.

If you do go see the show, drop me an email or a comment about it. I love that sort of thing.

Link to some audio of the Saratoga show HERE.


Lyle Lovett 08-01-2008 concert recap w/ audio

Lyle Lovett
August 1, 2008
Saratoga Mountain Winery

Set list in bold, with some comments and a few audio samples from the show.

This was my favorite Lyle Lovett and his Large Band concert ever. The large band wasn’t quite as large this time around, and you know, I liked it better. I guess it’s true …size isn’t everything!

He started right on time. He was wearing a nice cream colored suit, dressed for church, as was everyone on the stage.

I dropped into my seat about ten seconds before the first notes of his first song…

Church – A great song with a gospel sound, but not a gospel song. I thought to myself how I wish he would do some gospel type music in his show. I love it, but when I’ve seen Lyle in concert previously, he didn’t perform as much of it as I would like. Little did I know I would get my wish in spades later in the evening. Anyway, with Church opening the night, everybody had a smile on their face.

I Will Rise Up
Make It Happy

No Big Deal – This song features the type of vocals and lyrics that first hooked me on Lyle.

Private Conversation
If I Were The Man You Wanted
Truck Song
Then came some banter (“Make a note: pick up some shorts”) – hahahaha. The audience says he is hilarious.
This Old Porch

Cowboy Man – Texas swing with a classical cello intro. You don’t hear that every day.

Penguins – I’ve always liked this song, but thank goodness in the banter he said he wrote this song to make fun of someone who had penguins all over their home. Now I can enjoy it without the confusion that always troubled me.
Cute as a Bug
Give Back My Heart

Long Tall Texan – This one I have a real soft spot for. I had never heard him sing it live before this, but I’ve worn out my mp3 of this song. I love how he says, “Oh lor,’ oh lor’ …Is that your hat?” I was pretty happy he sang it. Too bad about the feedback.


Don’t Cry a Tear

More banter – Lyle says that growing up Lutheran and going to Lutheran school influenced his taste in music. Just for fun, here’s some banter:

South Texas Girl – a beautiful, amazing song. A song that happens to mention Sid Lasher. When Lyle was growing up, Sid Lasher was a TV weather man in Texas who conveyed extra facts and information about the towns on his weather maps. Kinda like I am telling you about Sid Lasher in the middle of a concert recap.
All Down Hill From Here
You Were Always There – haunting, beautiful, heartbreaking song that I dedicated a post to a few months ago.

Keep it in Your Pantry – Funny bluegrass song. Aways a hit! Not on an album yet, I don’t think.

Up in Indiana – love this bluegrass tune

Happy Birthday, Mitch – aww! Lyle sings Happy Birthday to Mitch Watkins (guitar).
If I Had a Boat – crowd favorite. Poetic. Lots of people in the audience know the words and you can hear some singing along.

She’s No Lady – Classic Lyle

North Dakota

My Baby Don’t Tolerate – Yeah I love this song! Turn it up!

That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas – crowd favorite. Lots of fun.

Ok… if you’ve ever seen Lyle perform you know that compared to some other artists, he doesn’t move around a bunch. It is as if he won’t allow a little bits of music to take detours to his fingers to snap, or his legs to dance or his body to sway. Instead he stays still and channels it all through is voice.

But over the years, I’ve started to notice all the little movements he does make. For example, there were a few points in the show that were really magical, and one of them I could see coming before it happened, because of the way he moved…

By the way he put his guitar down. By the way he stepped to the mic. By the way he tensed up and held his hands, by the way he set his feet…oh lord I thought…this is going to be good. And it was. And it kept getting better and better. And better.

I’m Gonna Wait > I’m Going To The Place

(It really is too bad that the couple sitting next to me left one song before the above numbers to beat the traffic. Big mistake.)

Ain’t No More Cain – bringing it back down to close the show… Wow. Perfect.

Soldier in the Army of the Lord – And one more for the road!

a ‘clean’ set list after the jump…

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Lyle Lovett

Tonight I get to see my favorite artist, in my favorite venue: Lyle Lovett at the Saratoga Mountain Winery. This happy event happens about once a year just like Christmas, or my birthday.

(Lyle has something against embedding…)
South Texas Girl
I think this ^^ song^^ is the about the most beautiful love song I’ve ever heard.


You Were Always There

I have nothing to say, just posting a song on a quiet Saturday morning.




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