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My top 10 “most played”

I’m always surprised that I’m surprised by what I find on my iTunes ‘most played’ list. 

You would think I would know what I listen to most.  If I had to guess I would say that John Butler Trio songs would make up the majority of my top 10.  But with all my excessive JBT listening of the last few months, not a single one of their songs have cracked my top 10!  Wow.  And where is Jamie Lidell??  Down at like number 20.  I’m shocked he is so far down- shocked I say!  Mavis Staples takes up number 11 to 14…  yeah, that seems about right.  And were is Lyle Lovett? No place to be seen!  Has the world gone wonky?!

Anyway, here are my top 10 most played:

 #1  Hello Hello, Ray LaMontagne (warning: this track is a little loud…turn down your speakers)

#2 Lonely Avenue, Ray Charles

#3 Did Ye Get Healed? Van Morrison, A Night In San Francisco

#4  Ain’t Nobody Worryin’, Anthony Hamilton

#5  I Want To Know, Ray Charles

#6  untitled? (I Won’t Be Around?) Ray LaMontagne

#7  Hello Lonely, Taylor Hicks  (most of this list is his fault!)

#8  Down In Mississippi, Mavis Staples

#9  How Come, Ray LaMontagne

#10 Jolene, Ray LaMontagne

Ahh…I do love all these songs more than I can say.  And over a few years, these are the ones it seems I keep going back to.   But I wouldn’t have guessed most of them to be that high on the list.  And I would have thought “How Come” would be there, but I would have thought that it would have been number one.  I’m pretty surprised that “Hello Hello” is my most listened to song.

What’s on your most played list?  Any surprises?

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