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Ben L’Oncle Soul — The French Soulman

What a great day. I’m a tipple winner! Today I heard Ben L’Oncle Soul for the first time AND I get to hear him live for the first time AND the show is at Stern Grove in San Francisco. Oh, AND he’s opening for Sharon Jones! That’s a quadruple winning day.

I don’t know what he’s saying, but he sounds merveilleux!


Jsun Jasper…calling Jason Jasper…please report to the internet.

Jsun Jasper

His message, his music, his voice…it’s so moving…

And all he’ll give me is this little ‘ol myspace with no performance dates listed, no way to purchase the mysterious album, “More.” (How ironic that this album has that title as I’ve been looking for ‘more’ of him ever since his voice stopped me dead in my tracks at a rally over a year ago…)


Marc Broussard Showing the West Coast Some LOVE!

Thanks to reader Jean who mentioned Marc Broussard has announced his album’s release date! I dropped everything and rushed over to his website and got the 411:

The album is called Keep Coming Back and will be released September 16th. Also they are planning to film his June 20th show in Nashville, so maybe we’ll be getting a DVD or seeing it on TV.

But the best news for me is the West Coast Love. August 30, small venue, and a Saturday night. Hells yes.

Must Be The Water

Come In From The Cold



Jamie Lidell Live 05-28-08, FLAC and MP3 Download

Jamie Lidell
Bimbo’s 365 Club
San Francisco, California
May 28, 2008

source: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-9>Edirol R-09
location: floor,center, mics clipped to glasses
conversion: R09>CD Wave>FLAC Frontend
taper: T&Jam (

Hear samples in my recap post: Here.

Disc 1

1. Another Day
2. Figured Me Out
3. Out of my system>The City
4. ?? Unknown…freestyle spacey techno jam thing…?
5. A Little Bit More
6. Little Bit of Feel Good

Disc 2

1. Banter>Green Light
2. Where’d You Go?
3. Wait For Me
4. –audience calling for the encore—
5. Game For Fools
6. Multiply

Download FLAC files Here.

Download MP3’s Here.


Taylor Hicks at the Hannah Home Barbecue

How am I supposed to stay off the blog if Taylor Hicks is going to be performing a sweet little set list like this charity fund raisers? (Thanks to The Boogie Board for the set list… 🙂 and the cell cert)

May 10, 2008 Birmingham, AL
(Taylor Hicks, Brian Less, Jeff Lopez)

Call Me the Breeze
Moondance *** flute solo; harmonica rif
Soul Thing ** TAG: EastBound and Down
New York State of Mind
Run Around — harmonica solo
On and On
Where I’m From
Moondance? He sang Moondance? I am very much looking forward to some video of that.

I’ve never heard Taylor sing Moondance, New York State of Mind, or On and On.

Where I’m From has been very rare…

And how does Run Around sound stripped down to just keys, guitar and sax? Hard to imagine…

People who were there say that vids of this gig will be posted, so we’ll soon get to see and hear this tasty little morsel. (I’m talking about the SET. sheesh.)


Happy Day!

Jim song of the day:

Rope of Sand
All I Wanna Do
Wait For Me
Where’d You Go?
Rope of Sand (yes, again)

Jamie interview of the day:
pitchfork interview

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Down On My Knees

Here are a couple songs from Ayo’s album Joyful. She’s got a reggae/soul thing going on. Lovely, like a summer afternoon.

Down On My Knees (a hit many places outside the US)

Life Is Real (free download on her myspace)

Check your local listings to catch Ayo on PBS.

lyrics of the day

When life hits you like a truck you gotta rise up.

-Paul Thorn

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