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– Tab Benoit – The 2008 “Best Set I Never Posted”

I have pile of music from shows I saw over the last year that I never posted for one reason or another. I was going to take a song from each of them and make a “Best of the Rest 2008” post with them, but by the time I could complete a project like that it would be December of 2009, so fugettuhboutit.

Instead, I decided to pick my favorite less than perfect recording and put it up, just as it is.

It was easy to make my pick: the second set of a Tab Benoit show I saw early in the year.

I really should have at least cut the last 3 minutes of crowd noise for you…sorry about that.

But really, who is going to listen to all 90+ minutes of Tab Benoit’s second set at Slim’s in San Francisco Feb 15, 2008 anyway?

Wishing you a Happy, Safe, and Wonderful 2009!


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